Chocolate Apricot Treasures
A trove of heavenly treats to explore

A Meduri Exclusive

A well-known confectioner from our home state of Oregon created these delights just for Meduri.

They’ve dipped each juicy, unsulphured Sweetglow® apricot half in creamy richer milk chocolate made by world-renowned chocolatier, Guittard. Cacao beans from the Ivory Coast and Madagascar help create this all-natural chocolate enhanced with pure vanilla.

The rich dark chocolate variety uses chocolate from Peter’s Chocolate, an award winning chocolatier with roots in Switzerland. Special cacao beans create a well-rounded, slightly spicy, semi-sweet chocolate flavor that’s amazing with apricot.

A delicious, exotic taste and an exceptional pleasure.
$23.95 for one 12oz. silver tin of Milk Chocolate Apricot Treasures  
$23.95 for one 12oz. silver tin of Dark Chocolate Apricot Treasures  

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