Chocolate Fruit-Nut Royal Clusters™
A regal blend of flavor and texture

A Meduri Exclusive

This luscious, chewy recipe features our superb Meduri fruit — blueberries from the Pacific Northwest, Sweetglow® apricots from California and sour cherries from Oregon. Each variety is baked with meaty almonds or cashews, and covered with creamy caramel melted on top. After it cools, we surround the confection with the finest dark chocolate. The result is an irresistible treat you won’t find anywhere else.

These Chocolate Fruit-Nut Royal Clusters™ are a special snack or a creative addition to a party’s pastry dish. Available in boxes of three giant 4"-across clusters, or get the assortment and have one of each.
$22.95 for one box containing one of each Royal Cluster™  
$22.95 for one box of three Chocolate Blueberry-Cashew Royal Clusters™  
$22.95 for one box of three Chocolate Cherry-Almond Royal Clusters™  
$22.95 for one box of three Chocolate Apricot-Almond Royal Clusters™  

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