Double Red Grapefruit Slices
Juicy, sweet and tart all at the same time

A Meduri Exclusive

If you think choosing grapefruit is a hit or miss gamble, hoping for sweetness but getting too much tartness, you must try our grapefruit slices. Every bite is consistently sweet and juicy with red grapefruit flavor.

Our exceptional variety comes from the only two major grapefruit growing areas in Mexico. They’re picked at their ripest, then prepared in small batches to maintain their distinctive taste. Unique, delicious and healthful with no added preservatives.

Available in Our 5lb. Harvest Pack
Imagine baking, cooking, snacking, garnishing and enjoying these treats to your heartís content. Save 20% compared to buying by the tin.
$121.95 for one 5lb. Harvest Pack  
$29.95 for one 12oz. silver tin  
$15.95 for one 6oz. sampler packet  

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