Sweetglow®  Apricots
Luscious, subtle, surprisingly moist

A Meduri Exclusive

The delicate apricot has come a long way from its birthplace in the lush valleys of China thousands of years ago. Now a rural California town surrounded by fertile orchards has become “The Apricot Capital of the world”.

We select these superb fruits at their ripest, then prepare them, halved, in small quantities to preserve their distinctive apricot flavor. Ours are luscious, subtle, surprisingly moist — and unsulphured. Certainly not the dried apricots you may be used to. What's more, they're rich in vitamin A and an especially tasty source of iron and calcium.

Difficult to find out-of-season. Now enjoy them all year.

Available in Our 5lb. Harvest Pack
Imagine baking, cooking, snacking, garnishing and enjoying these treats to your heartís content. Save 20% compared to buying by the tin.
$87.95 for one 5lb. Harvest Pack  
$15.70 for one 12oz. silver tin  
$10.95 for one 6oz. sampler packet  

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