Orchard’s Best Six-Sampler Set
6 delicious tastes. Choose gift boxed or not.

Succulent fruits to savor and compare. Enjoy for yourself, or give them gift-boxed, beautifully presented with a lustrous ribbon. Each fruit flavor is sealed in a gleaming mylar 6 oz. packet. What's more, our fabulous fruit sampler sets give a tasty savings over buying them individually.

Orchard's Best Six-Sampler Set
Delicious Double Red grapefruit slices from Mexico, Cinnamon Fuji Apple Wedges from the Pacific Northwest, Camerosa strawberries from Mexico, Sweetglow® apricots from California, Double-dipped Chocolate Covered Fruit Mix and Marco Polo Mix.
$60.95 for one sampler set  
$65.95 for one gift-boxed sampler set  

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