Meduri Nutty Peach Cake
Tender, succulent, all-natural

A Meduri Exclusive

Luscious. Moist. Unique. This irresistible cake is the first one special enough to be called “Meduri”. It’s based on an old treasured recipe and hand-crafted according to our exacting standards.

We use the finest, natural ingredients. The juicy morsels are our own Harvest Pride® peaches prepared in small batches to maintain their true fruit essence. The meaty hazelnuts are hand-selected. We add a hint of amaretto (non-alcoholic) to enhance the cake’s richness. Then each cake is individually slow baked to create an exceptional dessert you won’t find anywhere else. A distinctive gift in its handsome silver tin and tied with an elegant silver ribbon

One 24 oz. cake serves 8-10 (or fewer, if you account for “seconds”).
$28.95 for one boxed cake tin  
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